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The ENDURANCE 50F Difference

Feel the heat output and you’ll agree. Endurance outperforms! Many furnace manufacturers boast BTUs — but these numbers can be misleading because they’re based on combustion BTUs, not furnace output.

Thuroheat™ Delivers More Heat

Thuroheat™ is a multi-stage airflow design that delivers more usable heat to your home. Endurance draws cold air, warming it across the preheat manifold, then through a high-performance heat exchanger with 18 ft. of stainless steel heating tubes. The result is more thorough heat transfer, higher output at the plenum and minimal waste heat at the exhaust.

Maximum BTU Output

High BTU numbers simply means high energy consumed. When shopping BTUs, think of a car: do you want a gas guzzler or do you want high MPG? Same thing with a furnace. It’s all about efficiency, the amount of energy consumed compared to the amount of heat output to your home.

Fully Programmable LCD Controls

Now you can easily ‘set-and-forget’ your heating preferences from the LCD display, change fuel type, blower, ignition mode and other settings with the simple push button.

Use as a Furnace

Endurance gives you options — as a stand-alone furnace or add-on furnace.

Cyclean™ Technology Minimizes Cleaning

Patent-pending Cyclean™ is a self-cleaning fire pot that automatically discharges a light ash wafer while maintaining the flame, assuring a continuous, uninterrupted fire.

Larger Hopper
Holds 112 pounds for longer burn times with fewer loads.

Saves fuel with auto shut-off after periods of ‘no heat required’. Automatically re-ignites when heat is called for.

Multi-Fuel Firepot for Greater Flexibility
Stainless steel firepot easily burns dried corn, wood pellets, grain pellets, cherry pits and other fuels. You’re free to burn whichever biomass fuel is most convenient — and lowest cost.

Autostart Ignition
Electronic ignition eliminates matches and messy starter mixes; allows ‘set-and-forget’ thermostat setting.

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Searching for the corn furnace, pellet furnace or biomass furnace? The Vesta Award winning Endurance 50F Biomass Furnace is an alternative fuel furnace for home heating. Endurance produces more usable heat, makes maximum energy use of 50,000 Btu’s. Endurance burns renewable fuels including shelled corn, wood pellets, grain pellets, dried cherry pits and other biomass materials. Cyclean Technology and Thuroheat chambers makes home heating easy and affordable. Endurance corn furnace and pellet furnace can be purchased through home heating dealers in North America and Canada.