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Endurance Corn Furnace
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The Endurance 50F can be installed as a stand-alone (primary) furnace or a supplementary (add-on) furnace. For complete installation guidelines, please refer to the Installation & Operations Manual. Click here to download a PDF copy.

Safety Information
All photographs are for illustrative purposes only and are not meant to be a guide for actual installation. All safety regulations with respect to combustible materials and surfaces must be followed. See installation manual for specifics. Dimensions and specifications are subject to change without notice. Contact local building or fire official about restrictions and installation inspection requirements.


Endurance biomass installation manual diagram


Endurance biomass installation manual diagram

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Searching for the corn furnace, pellet furnace or biomass furnace? The Vesta Award winning Endurance 50F Biomass Furnace is an alternative fuel furnace for home heating. Endurance produces more usable heat, makes maximum energy use of 50,000 Btu’s. Endurance burns renewable fuels including shelled corn, wood pellets, grain pellets, dried cherry pits and other biomass materials. Cyclean Technology and Thuroheat chambers makes home heating easy and affordable. Endurance corn furnace and pellet furnace can be purchased through home heating dealers in North America and Canada.